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I recommend: Hollyoaks Later, America’s Best Dance Crew and comparing the FT and Times Online.

Anyone else noticed a scary similarity between the Financial Times’ facelift and Times Online? Just replace random greenness with the FT’s infamous blush.

Take a long hard look at these impressively imbedded graphics (took ages) and judge for yourself:

TimesOnline with some random greenness.


The randomly green Times Online homepage.

And the pretty in pink FT:



On a tangent – but a rather exciting one if I do say so myself – I would like to recommend some television programmes, primarily to the majority of my City colleagues who, in my humble opinion, spend far too long watching Newsnight and reading Milton.

Allow me to introduce, firstly, the newly discovered America’s Best Dance Crew. I am convinced that the only people who watch this are the whole of America and myself and my flatmate, but I cannot recommend it highly enough – it really is scarily impressive. Unfortunately for anyone eager to delve into depths of Jabbawockeez or Kaba Modern (two of the ‘crews’ – when I get really good I’ll imbed some videos) the series is about to come to an end… Sob sob.

But fear not! For another recent discovery of mine is the incredible Hollyoaks Later. This is like Hollyoaks but better (and you didn’t think that possible). Because it has unnecessary swearing, violence and “scenes of a sexual nature”. Wow.

So far we have had: “shite”, “bitch” and “fan-fucking-tastic”. And we’re only 26 minutes in. We’ve also had a man walking around naked, with no discernable reason why. Followed swiftly by a cleavage shot lasting five minutes. And then a sex scene (yes, you did hear me correctly, a sex scene in Hollyoaks. In the toilets of The Dog).

I appreciate that Hollyoaks may come at a difficult time for most: 10pm-11pm every week night this week, which results in a horrific clash with Newsnight. But there’s only so much Jezza a journalist can take. When it comes to awful teenage actors attempting to look natural when having sex/swearing/looking ‘ard, however, I firmly believe that one can never get enough.