My first name is Katrina, my surname is Bishop and I’m a freelance journalist coming to the end of a postgraduate diploma in newspaper journalism at City University, London.

If all goes to plan I blog loosely about politics – usually about the less-reported screw-ups of politicians. I also write about European politics as one of the UK’s three official bloggers in the pan-European blogging competition, Th!nk About It.

A short health warning: despite my (very limited) political experience I urge all readers to take my posts with a very large pinch of salt, and worry about the condition of their heart later.


5 comments so far

  1. James Warnette on

    Cracking blog, very amusing! Definitely going into my RSS feeds…

  2. Tom on

    I met you on the Eurostar train to Brussels a couple of weeks ago. I have only just had time to view your blog and it’s great keep up the good work. How did your FT interview go?

  3. John on

    Good work, but seriously, better to get out there and get a job than type crap all day.

    Still, whatever floats your boat.

  4. Katie Evans on

    I take issue with the suggestion that you “type crap all day” – I love your blog! And I love you! Mwah x

  5. Katrina Bishop on

    James – thanks!

    Tom – Ft interview was fine, I’ve got an internship in June. And thanks for stopping by. Hope your Brussels business went well.

    John – If only I could get a job I would happily stop typing crap all day. Any offers?

    Katie – thanks! I love your blog too…even if it hasn’t been updated for a month. Mwha ha ha.

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