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Apologies galore: Osborne, the BBC and a cheeky bit of Beautiful South.

And we all thought I wanted to be a journalist? Pah! When I grow up I want to be in MI6. Just like those on Spooks, innit.

Anyway, where was I? It’s apologies galore in the media right now. Take BBC homepage’s page lead (if that’s what it’s called on the new fangled interweb): I made a mistake, admits Osborne followed swiftly by: BBC apologies for Brand prank.

(Can we take a minute to revel in the fact that BBC News is now such an integral news source that it has to report on its own apologies because if it failed to do so, the omission would have us cringing even more than we do when we read the inclusion. Ho ho ho.)

Now, when my brother and I were naughty as kids we would say sorry. But rarely did our parents accept our apology. Oh no. They would tell us we “didn’t mean it”. At the time, we marvelled at this response. How the hell did they know? I now see it’s because they knew that we were only apologising because we had to – we wanted chocolate/to go to the park/the play station back from Mum’s confiscation cupboard.

It annoys me that the public are expected to accept apologies – simply on the basis that they have been made. My parents were having none of it; why should I? Osborne has apologised because he flipping has to apologise. Without the apology he’d go down, quite possibly taking his party with him. If he values his career – and we safely assume he does – he had to apologise.

The BBC’s only other option was sacking Ross or Brand. Sacking Ross? Ha. And they can’t sack Brand because having Brand on their books means the BBC is like, well down wi’ da kidz man. Take Brand away and all you’ve got is Radio 4 listeners listening to everything else too. Yet again: the BBC had to apologise.

But we do not have to accept them. And, perhaps most importantly we should not end debates (be it about Tory sleaze or Brand sleeping with granddaughters) at the apology, which is quite obviously what the bodies involved want us to do. Should we all pretend that Osborne is good as gold (not Russian gold though!) and BBC producers aren’t as stupid as mud? No; apology or no apology, he isn’t, and they are.

Far too many people are big fans of chocolate, the park and PlayStations out there, don’t you know.