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Another Daniel Evans: tomorrow’s interview.

I’m not going to lie – there wouldn’t be much point in writing a blog if I was – I’m well scared about interviewing the Superintendent of Islington Police tomorrow. Because this isn’t just any interview (if it was it well would not call for a well); I’m interviewing John Sutherland in front of my class of 40 scarily media savvy colleagues and two tutors. And if that wasn’t bad enough, everyone, including the interviewee, gets to criticise my performance at the end.

I say criticise and not comment because last week, when a similar event took place, there wasn’t a comment in sight; it was criticisms galore. It, somewhat oddly, resembled the slating of Daniel Evans (the old, “larger” man) on Saturday night. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should. No one’s too cool to watch the X Factor. I digress.

I wouldn’t mind (well, I probably would) but our tutors openly admit that they would “never, ever” do it. Not in a million years apparently, because it’s too scary. Now, am I the only one to think that making one’s pupils do something that one would never do is pretty, urm, harsh? At the very least, if the prospect of interviewing a high profile stranger in front of 42 people is simply far too intimidating darling, then surely the tutors should interview each other in front of us all. The lessons we’d have learnt from this would’ve eliminated half of the criticisms aimed at the interviewers last week.

As you might have guessed, tomorrow’s interview is one of the main reasons I watched Panorama last week , which lead to my slightly overenthusiastic, I concede, rant about Dispatches. I have come to the conclusion that there’s only so much naked grinding women a girl can take in one night. And when the quota is fulfilled (and boy did Dispatches fulfil it), below occurs. Apologies, but there’s only Channel 4s love of breasts to blame.