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Breaking news: Joe the Plumber has a book, and Americans can be funny

The recession has hit, everybody. Joe the Plumber’s book has sold just five copies.

Yes, you did read right. Joe the Plumber has written a book. (I reckon it was a publisher’s idea of a joke – quite a funny one actually. For an American.)

The Washington Post yesterday reported – in 700 words, typical – that poor old Joe held a book signing in Borders, hardly anybody turned up, and the author sold five books.

Thanks for this, Washington Post

Thanks for this, Washington Post

(Note: Joe is actually called Samuel. Interesting, then, that his book is nevertheless entitled ‘Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream’. He’ll have people saying he’s cashing in…)

Regardless, I couldn’t figure out why on earth a book with so much political and, I’m sure, literary clout was selling so badly. So I hunted it out on Amazon. Then I saw the photo.



I imagine the publisher was so impressed with the success of his first joke that he decided to try another one – telling Joe, sorry Sam, to gurn like his life depended on it for the cover photo. Again, funny for an American. Not so funny for poor old Joe, sorry Sam, I imagine.

But the jokes keep coming, because the ‘Product Description’ says:

Fighting for the American Dream is the Inspiration Guide for the New Conservatism. Get ready to get Angry, Laugh out loud, Cry, Shout, and Get Involved in the Future of the United States of America!

No one would ever employ that many capitals in a serious capacity.

Yet, as much as I was enjoying these Joe, sorry Sam, related jokes, I stopped laughing when my eyes were, predictably, distracted by Amazon’s ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ function. This informed me that those who had deemed ‘Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream’ a worthy literary investment, had also bought:

The Christmas Sweater: “Beck’s debut novel, the conservative radio and TV host makes a weak attempt at a holiday classic in the vein of It’s a Wonderful Life”


The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World: “How America became an economic powerhouse offering wealth to the average citizen! How the Federal Government was built to protect and safeguard citizens rights! 28 Principles disputably creating freedom & prosperity unlike any other!

As such I have concluded that a condition for purchasing Joe, sorry Sam’s, book is that you are mad. Needless to say, I was relieved to find no such ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ function on Amazon’s British site, which, I can only hope, means that no Brits have yet succumbed to Joe, sorry Sam’s, literary (and gurning) charms. And that Brits and more sane than Americans.


And you didn’t think Fox News could get any worse? Then they sent Joe the Plumber to Gaza.

I read, today, in The Economist (note capital T – I’ve learnt my lessons) that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher had been reporting from Israel for Fox News.

Dingleingleingle went a fictional bell. I stopped reading and pondered: I know that name. But from where? Two first names… (or is it one first name and one middle name that is pronounced? Either way, it’s American)… A surname that makes me think of a pretzel originating from Germany… Hmm… I continued reading.

Now I feel in no way qualified to comment on the current situation in Gaza. I do, however, feel qualified to say this: if I’m not, there’s no way Joe the flipping Plumber is either. And especially not for Fox News.