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Bad botox: Brown’s heading for some cringing facial expressions

On the 25 February, Jonathan Freedland said:

The sagging Brown image can only benefit from a shot of Obama botox.

I disagree. There is such a thing as too much botox, and Brown’s heading right for it.

It's me... honestly

It's me... honestly

As if the PMQs ass-kissing and races to the Whitehouse weren’t enough; now the Labour Party appear to be trying to pass Obama off as their own.

The Telegraph’s Iain Martin today blogged that Labour’s new campaign leaflet features a huge picture of Obama (see left) and not one mention of Brown.

It’s as if they’re hoping no one will notice. And who can blame them – the amount of identical physical characteristics is overwhelming, after all. Same sex, anyone?

But unfortunately, and not unsurprisingly, the Obama Brown-nosing (joke!) isn’t over just yet.

In my hunt for said campaign leaflet I ended up on Labour’s website – only to believe that I’d clicked on the Democrats’ website by mistake. Cue screen shot:



Yes, I too was confused. When the heck did Labour change its colour scheme from red to sickly teal (as it might be named on a paint tin)? And – perhaps more importantly – when did Obama become Brown’s second hand man, as the above graphic implies?

Perhaps Team Brown figured that few people would be convinced by the original attempt to pass off Obama as prime minister – despite the overwhelming amount of identical physical characteristics – and decided to try and pass him off as deputy leader instead.

Regrettably, after managing to navigate myself away from this bewildering pre-home page of the Labour website, I discovered that Harman had not been usurped (shame) by yours truly.

But in case you were wondering, this pre-home page isn’t just another attempt by Labour to place photographs of Brown and Obama in close proximity. Oh no. This page provides an opportunity to “say one thing to Prime Minister Brown, President Obama and the G20”. Which implies that Brown and Obama somehow transcend the rest of the G20; I’ve no doubt this thrills approximately 18 other countries.

If the above shenanigans confuse me, they’re going to confuse a heck of a lot of other peop too: Obama’s Britain’s prime minister? Or deputy leader of the Labour party? Or some kind of joint-King of the G20..?

Labour need to seriously consider the effects their Obama Brown-nosing (too good not to use twice) will have on the general knowledge of the British public. And then they need to consider whether there’s such a thing as too much botox.

I think that question can be answered by a quick glance at the following:

My, Mr Brown, how you've changed...

My, Mr Brown, how you've changed.

Doctors advise a break of 9 months before going back for more botox. Brown should take heed.