A conversation I did not overhear on the tube

Long live the president! Go Obama! God bless the Britain!

You mean America.


It’s God bless America, not Britain – why the hell would God ever bless Britain? (Especially with blasphemy like that.)

I thought…

No. You have clearly been paying too much attention to the British media, which, understandably has led you to falsely believe firstly that we have a president, and secondly that his name is Obama.

But, I watched Prime Minister’s (ahh) Questions today, and Obama’s name was mentioned a million times –I thought it was like when the deputy prime minister stands in and kisses the genuine prime minister’s arse.

No my wishful thinking friend. Many moons ago, in 2008, someone told our leaders that if you say a popular person’s name loads of times then some of their popularity rubs off on you – just for laughs. One sucker who fell for this was our very own Obama, Gordon Brown.

Damn it. (He’s not half as hot)

I know.

And everyone was out celebrating last night (including me, actually), and I don’t remember ever doing that for Gordon Brown.

That’s because you didn’t. Instead you stayed in and wept at the injustice of living in a democracy where the leader was not elected.

But I thought that the whole point of a democracy was…

It is.

So we celebrate America’s successful attempt at democracy instead?

Apparently so.

I tried to watch Obama’s inauguration speech on TV too, but didn’t make it to the end.

Oh, how come? Too emotional?

No: flipping Tories.


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